Last of the Summer Wine

Sometimes people you know simply must meet, and this was exactly our thought when meeting the stunning Natalie Rose of Flowerhead appropriately surrounded by flowers and foliage in the Botanic Gardens last year.  Obviously our thoughts turned from flowers into drinks and it became immediately apparent that Natalie-Rose needed to meet, nay collaborate with, our long time go to drinks expert (in the strongest sense of the word) Toby Eaton (of Eaton Drink Co).  

This meeting eventually occurred and something beautiful resulted that that something being a botanical floral cocktail for the tail end of summer aka the drink you see above (and below) - the Flowerhead X Eaton Drink Co "Last of the Summer Wine" beauty.  The sample pictured disappeared quickly after its moment in front of the camera but you can replicate Toby's recipe below, just dont try and pinch the flowers from Natalie-Rose's cutting garden like we did (with permission of course).

It may look too pretty to drink but you will get over that quickly upon sampling.


Fill your favourite highball with ice.

Add 30ml gin, we used Rogue Society for its light botanicals.

Add 15ml Peach Liqueur and 5ml Campari.  These extend the drink's depth of flavour. 

Hand squeeze in 30ml Orange Juice and match with 45ml rosé, we used a light version, but no rules here.  

To this mix in your flowers, we like nasturtiums and violets with rose petals (if you havent prepared a cutting garden in advance, we are sure Natalie-Rose won't ask any questions if you place an order with Flowerhead for a posy of edible flowers)

Once all together, top with soda for that spritzy finish. One straw, because you won't want to share.

The last of the summer wine is yours.

Recipe by Toby Eaton, styled by Flowerhead.