Move Over Antoinette

To this day WBTC claims to have scooped the wonderful Miss Worthington and her cakes.  While wandering around the best place in Christchurch (the Farmers Market), I came across the most glorious table of cakes you ever did see and once my eyes returned to normal size, I realised there was a person with them and we got to talking.  This became the start of a beautiful friendship, like the best friendships, based on a mutual love of cake.  It was one of the first weekends Anna had been at the market, but alas, there is no proof of this alleged incident, because instead of going home and writing about it, I spent the next 18 months eating cake, not writing, and now the secret is well and truly out.  Anna makes the best cake on earth. 

The first thing you will notice is that they look amazing (Anna has a fine arts degree) but hit the perfect blend of insanely appealing but have just enough of a rustic look to get you past the restraint of too pretty to eat.  But their beauty isnt just icing deep, they are, to borrow words from the 80's and daytime advertising, a taste sensation.  Don't go looking for your run of the mill flavours either, whether its vege patch, earl grey and lavender or pear parsnip caramel, the often unexpected flavours never fail to please.  Anna changes it up regularly for those who like to experiment, but never fear the trusty favs always make an appearance.  But Anna's real superpower, is giving the people what they want, before they know they want it.  

I dont know what the secret ingredient is (some of them don't even have white gold, sugar, in them and they are still good) but the result is an uncontrollable cake urge that can only be described as a crack-like effect - her table at the market induces a kind of localized feeding frenzy.  Its a minor miracle that more people dont take the Augustus Gloop (a la willy wonka) approach of picking up fistfuls of cake and shoving them in the general direction of the face.  Good luck to even those people who "don't like sweet things" (also known as liars) resisting these bad boys.

Plus, because they don't look like a cake intended for a barbie, unless you are a known baking incompetent, you could almost pass one off as your own. Except good luck finding anyone who hasn't indulged in Anna's masterpieces. This lady is in demand.  So this is all probably redundant, I'm sure you have all heard by now how amazing Anna's cakes are. So instead of preaching to the choir, let me finish by  telling you the heartwarming story of how Anna made my 30th the best birthday ever. Of all the birthdays, not just of mine.  She made me 30 cakes.  End of story. 

The only side effect is a reduced desire to further/improve your own cake baking skills because why would anyone ever bake one when Anna can.  Its a definite cake conflict, feeling inspired to make cakes versus never wanting to ever eat any cake she hasn't baked ever again.

I want to say cake is back, but did it ever really go anywhere? Pretty sure it just hung out casually and let its mini pal, the cupcake have its time to shine.  Yes, cupcakes are awesome but there aren't many instances in life when a giant version of something isn't better...(its sentences likes these which is why there is no comments section).  So don't worry friends, its no fad and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. Unless the world goes mad. 

Pump the brakes Marie Antoinette, Anna Worthington tells the people when they'll eat cake now.