Pre-Hibernation Mixology


Whisky Sour

Ice rocks glass to chill.

In shaker combine 45ml Jameson, 30ml lemon juice, 15ml egg white  and 15ml simple syrup.

Dry shake to emulsify.

Fill with ice.

Shake well.

Refill rocks glass with fresh ice cubes.

Strain over ice.

Splash with bitters and serve with zest.

 Sangria Blanc

Fill highball with ice.

1/2 fill with Proseco, layer lemon slice, orange slice, mint and flowers.

Add 15ml spiced syrup and 15ml lemon on top.

Top with pinot noir and taste.

Adjust with lemon or syrup to balance.

1 straw.

For more kick, add Gin or Vodka.

Rogue Daisy

Ice highball glass to chill.

In shaker combine 45ml  Rogue Society Gin, 20ml pressed lemon and 20ml ginger/ Elderflower syrup.

Fill with ice.

Shake well.

Re Ice Highball with freshcubes. 1/3 fill with soda water

Strain over soda.

Candy stripe straw and flower garnish.



Chill Port or Sherry glass with ice.

Combine 30ml Tromba tequila, 30ml Apricot Shrub, 30ml lemon juice & 5ml vanilla essence.

Shake well and single strain into empty glass.

Garnish with dried flowers


Warm or chill your cup.

Add 30ml Butter Vodka, 15ml Benedictine 10ml, Spiced syrup and 30ml Espresso.

Either shake with ice to chill or warm on stove ( do not boil).

Add Caramel icecream on top and sprinkle with nutmeg.

Best enjoyed with Grandmas Shortbread.


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