Ephemera / November Edition

A constantly evolving and updating source of news, openings, events, things to eat and etc. I think the technical term is bits and pieces. 

Hello Sunday - Middle Eastern Feast


Honestly, I feel a bit foolish. I'll tell anyone who will listen how great the team at Hello Sunday are. They consistently produce food which is a level above simply great. Its innovative, thoughtful and constantly changes. Often this would result in disappointment when a favourite is replaced but a new favourite is alwas quickly found. 

The feeling of foolishness hasn't arisen because this has changed, it's because I've said so many nice things that I've used all the positive adjectives there are, and left no words to accurately communicate how amazing their recent foray into Middle Eastern food was.  They have been running a series of dinners for people to experience their soon to be opened restaurant, 5th Street, the lastest being Middle Eastern on 9 November (following two Ramen evenings - also amazing). 

Quite simply, the food made us happy. There was a genuine struggle narrowing down the menu, which left us not so surreptitiously leaning to stare at other people's food as it came out of the kitchen. 

A fried cauliflower dish was the favourite of the entrees (by the narrowest of margins) and the tagliatelle pasta was perfectly chewy, with deeply toasted pinenuts and some sort of slightly sweet spice - I would resort to begging to get a recipe to make an inferior version at home. 

I graciously let AT finish off the lamb tagine (read: I was physically too full to fit anything else in and passed it off as being gracious) and there was an awkward moment where we both realised that I was unconsciously gazing at his fork and my head was tracing its movement - he looked up and offered me what was on the fork, reluctantly.  Clearly I was doing a very effective impression of a pet gazing longingly at your food from beside the table. Embarrassing, but perhaps this can communicate how good this food was better than any adjective. 


In other Hello SUnday News...

- New menu just launched...eying up the beef hash

- Their next pop up evening is on 23 November and this time the Vegan / Vegetarian genre gets the HS treatment. See their Facebook page for details and availability - it fills up fast. 



It's prime walking season and we think Christchurch is best experienced on foot. We have started to put together a collection of our favourite strolls, starting with the Port Hills. 

See our favourites here and tag any photos of your own wanderings with #CHCHonfoot to let us know your favourite tracks. 

Recently Opened

Universo Brasserie & Bar (in the Art Gallery). 

Tony Astle's latest has opened in the Art Gallery space. We started with the Beast Board and have been working through the menu. It's all good but the beast board has yorkshire puddings, lamb and gravy, wagyu patties, beautifully soft buns and garlic-y coleslaw (and more). It's a platter on steroids. 


(Other) Things We Have Eaten and Liked

Inati (48 Hereford Street)

All, but especially the Duck Trumpets with Blackberry Jam and the Boeuf-Nuts (THIS IS A BEEF DOUGHNUT WITH A SUGAR GLAZE). 


Greenroots Juicery (Christchurch Farmers Market)

Acai Bowl and Turmeric / Mango smoothie

Found: Cafe Berlin (Normans Road)


A hidden gem introduced to us by my mother-in-law, after our first visit to Cafe Berlin we went back 3 days in a row. With most things made in house, it tastes authentic (though to be fair I have no point of reference). Safest to say it tastes GOOD and do not even think about leaving without a pretzel. Also, if you order anything with cheese, you will receive cheese in a quantity which can only be described as an entire wheel. 


Utopia Ice 

No need to limit your consumption of Utopia Ice's amazing ice cream to Saturdays at the Farmers' Market anymore. They have just opened a store at 15 Wakefield Avenue in Sumner and are open every day except Mondays. They also do fresh juices made to order.

Old news (but just in case)

Häagen-Dazs ice cream has landed in NZ (at your supermarket). Also Lewis Road have a new flavour milk: banana. Newer news is their cider - the orange blossom is not too sweet and very refreshing.  


I may be the only one who made a scene (in a positive way) when I saw that Fendalton New World now stocks Massimo's Burrata but thought I better mention in just in case. On our eating tour of LA we saw it on every menu and became quite attached but it proved elusive here UNTIL NOW.  It is a ball of mozzarella filled with stracciatella and cream. Yes. 

Confirmed Rumour

Dry and Tea are opening a Christchurch Location at the Crossing.  Huge.

Retail Therapy

Mecca's holiday products are in and now I have mine I feel comfortable disclosing that the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette Vol.3's are in stock (they have sold like hotcakes in the USA ansd there is usually a waitlist).  


Chicago opens at the Court Theatre on 25 November (tickets here). The Court have some great new initiatives to make going to the theatre a bit more accessible. First, they have a limited number of $30 tickets to every performance for those who are 30 years old or under. They also have a specific performance where you Pay What You Can - you get to choose how much you would like to pay for your tickets, ranging from $5 - $100. This initative runs for one designated night per show - Chicago is on 19th December. For more info on both click here

They also have a sweet initiative to give the Gift of Theatre to a child who may not ordinarily get to go.  For $10 you can purchase and gift a ticket to Puff the Magic Dragon and that ticket is passed on to a child being supported by one of the selected charities. Click here for more info. 

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