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The East Pointers

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One of the best things about having this website, is that people tell you all sorts of things, about good people, good food, walks, books, music and etc. Sometimes I may already be aware, other times it leaves me feeling desperately uncool for not knowing of something that's so good I really should. I've been tempted at times to fudge it and pretend I do know but that's likely to end in embarrassment, I'm a terrible liar. 

Recently I received an email letting me know the East Pointers are coming to town. This was one such instance of not knowing about a band which several hours on Spotify and a YouTube vortex later, proved that I really should have.

You probably already know of them, but just in case you do need to cover, The East Pointers are a three-piece folk group from Canada - Koady Chaisson, Tim Chaisson (cousins) and Jake Charron (friend). A quick google reveals that by all accounts basically everyone except me was already all over this. They made their first visit to NZ last year and ended up in the iTunes Top 10 as a result. They're back again, starting in Christchurch (clearly not saving the best for last) at Blue Smoke on the 19th. 

I've left myself little room to suggest I know what I am talking about sufficient to write anything learned and eloquent about their music, so I'll simply say I loved it and pay it forward by passing on the link to Spotify below that I received (below), and recommend you enter the Youtube Vortex with their version of David Bowie's classic Heroes - view here). If you are already convinced ticket details for their jaunt to Christchurch on Friday night (19th) are below. 

A timely note to self that there is more to Spotify than the All Out 80's Playlist...

The East Pointers

Blue Smoke / Friday 19 January / 8:30 



It's prime walking season and we think Christchurch is best experienced on foot. We have started to put together a collection of our favourite strolls, starting with the Port Hills. 

See our favourites here and tag any photos of your own wanderings with #CHCHonfoot to let us know your favourite tracks. 

Important Bread Related News

(Is there any other kind of important news?) 

Now known as Grizzly Baked Goods, in a foreshadowing of this momentous news - you may have known the purveyors of baked goods formerly known as Grizzly Bagels, for their bagels (especially the Everything variety). Then maybe their doughnuts (Black Boy Peach for life). You may not know it but probably also for their bread. Previously you could not buy this in loaf form, but could be obtained as a sandwich, toast or other vehicle at cafes like The Caffeine Laboratory, Hello Sunday and other good ones. 

No longer though, as they have just announced that their loaves are available for purchase! By pre-order, available for pickup on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Sydenham, or Saturdays from the Christchurch Farmers Market. Details are all here. Sam used to run a bread club for people, who could order loaves in the early days (I have no idea how I lucked into that but I didn't question it) so I can say with confidence that this is excellent news for all.

They even have bread tokens available for purchase ($40 for 6 - each buys a loaf) and a currency just for bread is something I can definitely get behind. 

For more on Grizzly Baked Goods here is an article we wrote for Dish Online.  

Event: This is Syria

Technically a February event but it's on the first so feels appropriate to slot in here - This is Syria is a photographic exhibition by Jonathan and Annalise Smit. They spent three months in Syria in late 2017 with Frontier Alliance International Relief. They documented this journey in photos and this event raises money for medical supplies for Syrians caught up in the crisis. This caught my eye for many reasons but my husband travelled to Syria several years ago (pre-crisis) and he still talks regularly of his memories of the people and the landscapes. We have some beautiful photos of his trip, some of which was pictured doesn't exist anymore. The photos and the story behind This is Syria sounds like a must see to us. 

5th Street 

We got a little tour around the space which is to be 5th Street (from the Hello Sunday crew, positioned across the street). The space is incredible! They have been doing pop up dinners with different themes to test the waters out of the new offering and either the food or the space is enough to be exciting - so the combo has left us counting the days until opening. In the meantime there is a video tour here. 

Pictured below: Popcorn, Poutine and Crayfish Mac and Cheese from their USA night. 


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